We are confident that the success of the company depends on the contribution of each of our employees.
    We appreciate our employees and provide them with a high level of remuneration, the opportunity to learn, improve and adopt the experience of their colleagues. The company guarantees its employees remuneration for hard work and provides decent working conditions that promote growth and development. Each of our employees gets excellent career opportunities and professional success.

Job vacancy Status
Executive Director
Warehouse Manager
Supply Chain Manager
Manager of sales, retail and wholesale department
Administrator of the WEB-site, IT-department
Technologist-Designer of metal products
Artist-designer of art forging
Manager of plasma cutting services, bending, cutting
CNC machine operator (plazmores, bending, guillotine)
Blacksmith (metal artist)
Mechanic adjuster (machine tools, power tools)
Welder (doors, gates, lattices)
Painter (metal structures)
Locksmith (metal structures)

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