Designing and visualization of artistic forging
The creation of forged products includes two complementary processes: creative, which requires design, taste and style, and technical, whose task is to give functionality to finished products, to calculate their weight, load on the base, to develop methods of installation. In the future, for the clear presentation of the product by our customers, our specialists design and visualize this ornament or part.


The above processes are based on the information you provide to us, in particular:
• Type and size of forged product
• Mounting parameters
• In what conditions will the operation of this forged product (room / street, humidity level, temperature, expected loads, etc., information on the use of other structures, in particular non-metallic materials (glass, wooden inserts, bases, handles, etc.);
• Information on the use of automation processes on these objects (gates with forging elements, grilles, shutters for windows) and / or electrical connections (for designing luminaires, lamps, etc.)
• an image of the space in which the finished structure will be installed.


This general list of information is supplemented by details of a particular object (in particular, if it is a ladder, then how many steps, their height, etc.)
If you are a connoisseur of computer programs, then designing forging and other metal structures can do yourself with the help of various specialized software, which are provided for the construction of 2D and 3D models of structures, their calculation and visualization. Or you can just trust our specialists. In this case, you will have much more choice, in particular:
• You will become acquainted with the work of our smiths. Choosing the option you like, we will modify it according to your individual preferences.
• You can describe what you want, and we will create new sketches, which, using 2D and 3D visualization, will be placed in the interior, on the site, images of individual elements.

Thus, in the process of discussion and joint work of the "customer-master" elements of artistic forging and types of their execution (straight, radial, inclined) are born that will witness your impeccable taste.
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