Forged products are made of metal profile, and therefore are subject to natural (electrochemical) corrosion. A complex shape, a rough surface of the rod, a large number of joints between parts of the structures and decorative elements - all these features of artistic forging make it vulnerable to destructive corrosion processes. Especially it concerns products of exterior forging exposed to atmospheric influences: forged gates and fences, balcony fences, peaks, arbors, garden furniture, lanterns.

The most simple and at the same time reliable way to protect the forging is painting with special blacksmith paints. The dyeing process takes place in several stages: first the product is cleaned, covered with soil, and then - with a layer of finish paint. The strength and durability of the coating directly depends on the quality of the selected soil + paint pair, as well as the technology of its application to the metal.

Restoration of forged items from the Bastion Restoration of forged products "Bastion" offers a whole range of services for the restoration and restoration of art forging.


Full reconstruction or partial restoration of art forging products, including antiquities.

Restoration of the appearance of street and facade structures (fences, wrought-iron furniture, elements of input groups, forged gratings, etc.).

Restoration of the appearance of products with small defects (surface treatment, priming, painting, cold galvanizing, patination, etc.).

Repair of damaged forged products.

The work is carried out in the company's own workshop. When restoring the metal, we provide a complete restoration of not only the appearance, but also the characteristics of the product. This applies both to its functionality and to what kind of metal it is made of and what kind of treatment it took to manufacture.

When restoring objects of antiquity, forged antiques, historical elements of the interior or exterior, the work is carried out as follows.

If the product is lost completely, the sketch is developed on the basis of its surviving photographs or drawings, a project, descriptions - any available information. If necessary, the sketch is finalized until the absolute similarity is achieved.

The product is designed taking into account its actual dimensions, proportions between individual elements, and so on.

In the workshop, an exact copy of the entire lost object or its individual elements is made. Manufacturing involves not only art itself forging, but also the surface treatment of metal after its completion.

If necessary, installation of finished elements is carried out by our specialists.

Restoration of works of art forging Employees "Bastion" have extensive experience in solving similar problems: we successfully carried out the restoration of forged products for the old and stylized interiors, facades, etc. When repairing damaged products, our specialists in each case tend to keep as many original elements as possible, replacing only those parts that have serious defects. And the dismantling of the damaged elements, and the installation of their copies are carried out in a way that does not damage the product itself.

If you require the restoration of forging or repair of forged items, please contact us. Our specialist will evaluate the object that needs to be restored, select the best option for restoration (partial replacement of lost parts, manufacture of a new product, etc.), and also plan work with you and calculate their price. Our experts will present an old or simply damaged forging a second life: the work will be done quickly and as high as possible!
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