Since ancient times Ukrainian blacksmiths were famous for their skill. Traditions of art forging passed on for centuries, preserving traditions, but modernizing, according to the spirit of the times.

Adhering to this trend, our company PE "Mikhalchenko" since 2000 engaged in artistic forging of metal, giving the exterior and interior of its partners aristocratism, refinement and luxury.

Our smiths do their work and put their souls in cold metal, so the final result starts to please the eye and cause admiration of others. Family shop in Dnepropetrovsk, Art-Alley in Zaporozhye, Open heart in Kirovograd-all these are works done with high professionalism and a sense of love for their work. This is the approach that guarantees our success.

Each our work is individual and unique. We proceed from the principle of the Customer's individuality and taste.

Keeping the traditions of Ukrainian masters of artistic forging, the masters of "Mikhalchenko" adapt every detail to the requirements of the present, thereby creating new directions for the development of this craft.

Each of us is a blacksmith of his own happiness.

Forging metal, trust professionals.
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