Artistic forging is one of the most popular ways of decorative metal processing. Depending on the desired result, whether it is decoration of household items, interior items or fences, forging elements are used.

  Artistic forging products are an exquisite combination of true craftsmanship and art. Only the real master of blacksmithing is able to impart a liveliness of form to the cold lifeless metal, grace, visual flexibility and softness. Artistic metal is a bearer of aesthetic beauty and warmth, able to fit into the interior of absolutely any style and worthy to occupy a place of honor in our life.

  Our company has been operating since 2000 and has already established itself as a reliable partner for its clients: the Academy of Business and Law, the night club OPERA, the wedding salon LaNovia, the restaurant Lucia and many others, as well as the establishment Records of Ukraine: Family shop in Dnepropetrovsk, Art-Alley in Zaporozhye, Open heart in Kirovograd.

  Forged products never go out of fashion - art forging is eternal. Using these characteristics of forged elements, you can create a special interior design, give the exterior of the building a certain status and original look. Thanks to a careful approach to each order, we achieve full mutual understanding with the client.

  We can create any product according to your sketches or offer services of our artists who will try to fully implement your ideas on paper, and our masters - in the smithy.
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